Instruction for "Vertigo" hat

I made this hat for me as an addition to Karen Baumer's "multidirectional scarf".

Materials: ca. 100 g yarn for needle size 5 mm, circular needle or a pair of straight needles in size 5 mm. I used 100 g Noro Kureyon in col. 126, but any colour (even plain) will look good.

Gauge swatch: 16 stitches and 32 rows per 4 in in garter stitch (knit every row).

The hat is knit sideways with short rows.


Cast-on: 45 stitches (German longtail cast-on), less for a child's version. Knit one wrong side row, then continue in sections.

Each section is knit as follows.
Row 1: knit 10 stitches, knit one and one into back of 11th stitch (=one increase). Knit until 3 stitches are left on left needle, turn work. (Do not wrap any stitch!) Knit back. You now have a gap between the 3rd and 4th stitch from the far end.
Row 3: knit 10 stitches, knit one and one into back of 11th stitch (=one increase). Knit until 6 stitches are left on the left needle. Turn work, knit back. You now have two gaps with 3 stitches in between them.
Continue this way with increases and short rows until you have six gaps with 3 stitches each between them. 12 rows are done.
Row 13: "Close" the section: No increase this time, knit to 1 stitch before first gap. *Slip stitch in front of gap, knit stitch after the gap, pass slipped stitch over the stitch just worked. Knit 1*. Repeat to end of row, knit last stitch. The gaps are now closed.
Row 14 (wrong side row): Slip 1st stitch, knit all remaining stitches.

This section is now finished, in the next row you start the next section.

Knit about 11 sections, until the hat is large enough to fit around your head. Next wrong side row (row 14) cast of all stitches. Sew cast-on and cast-off row together, taking care to close the last 10 stitches (the straight brim) from the right side so that this part of the seam remains invisible when the hat is worn brim-up.
Tighten the center/top of the hat to close the last gap. Darn in ends.

© 2007/2008 Kerstin Michler. Permission to redistribute granted provided that this copyright notice is included. Sale of this instruction or using it commercially is not permitted.


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